How are medicines funded?

  • A pharmaceutical company will provide a new application to Medsafe for testing and registration.
    (Testing and registration usually takes 1 year).
  • The Pharmacology Therapeutic Advisory Committee (PTAC) then examines clinical evidence while
    incorporating PHARMAC’s Factors for Consideration.
  • PHARMAC then receives a recommendation from PTAC and completes its own analysis and applies
    three broad assessments: clinical, economic and commercial.
  • If the medicine is approved after these assessments then PHARMAC applies rules around funding for
    patient access through the public healthcare system.

How are medicines registered and funded in New Zealand?

What is the waiting list?

  • After PTAC have analysed and reviewed the medicine application they recommend them to PHARMAC giving them a priority to be publicly funded.
  • PHARMAC delays the decision to make these medicines publicly available by putting these prioritised medicines on the waiting list.
  • The waiting list leaves the medicine in limbo with suppliers, healthcare professionals and patients unsure of when or if, it will be publicly funded.

New Zealand’s Medicines Waiting List 2018

What does New Zealand really invest into medicines?

  • Since 2007 the medicines budget has consistently been underfunded. Although there have been minor increases to the budget these investments have not kept up with New Zealand’s increasing population and inflation.

NZIER. (2017). Community pharmaceutical expenditure trends.

Is there an innovative solution?

  • Modern medicines can provide significant health benefits to patients, health systems, and wider economies. Unfortunately, New Zealand struggles when keeping up with modern medicines and relies on significantly older medicines to treat patients.

New Zealand Medicines Landscape 2017

Make it Your Priority!

It’s time to make our health system a priority in New Zealand. Modern medicines can improve healthcare options and outcomes for our patients while providing significant cost savings for the health system. With an improved and transparent decision-making process and an adequate level of funding, New Zealand can start utilising the benefits of modern medicines that other countries already receive. Will you put NZ patients first?

Share our message and together let’s make it our priority!