Who is Medicines New Zealand?

Medicines New Zealand is the industry association representing companies engaged in the research, development, manufacture and marketing of prescription medicines.

Why are you running this campaign?

We want New Zealanders to have access to the best medicines available when they need them.

We underspend on medicines and we want New Zealanders to talk about it. New Zealand is already last among 20 comparable OECD countries for access to new and innovative medicines. We strongly believe medicines access needs to be made a priority in New Zealand.

Why don’t you just lower the cost of your medicines?

New Zealand already pays some of the lowest prices in the world for medicines. We want to increase access to new and innovative medicines that are currently not available to New Zealanders.

Aren't you just trying to maximise revenue for your members?

No. We have no remit with regard to the revenue or financials of our members.

Do you support PHARMAC?

Yes. We believe PHARMAC delivers excellent value for New Zealanders. However we believe PHARMAC is inadequately funded to meet the medicines needs of 21st Century New Zealand.

Why are you asking for an additional $200 million?

An extra $200 million represents a 1% increase in the proportion of the health budget we put toward medicines.

We think this an affordable target, and a reasonable first step toward addressing the medicines underspend in New Zealand.